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The Aerobiotix™ T1 system demonstrates rapid reduction in air contaminant levels through continuous IC Sentinel® Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring



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IC Sentinel® Environmental Monitor to evaluate the Aerobiotix™ T1 system.

To perform an environmental, real-time evaluation of the Aerobiotix™ T1 air treatment system and the Oberon IC Sentinel® environmental monitor using continuous real time air particulate monitoring.  

Summary of Background Data
The use of recirculating air filtration and treatment systems is gaining an increasing role in improving air quality, including reducing bioaerosols in critical environments. The T1 system by Aerobiotix™ (Figure 1) combines multimodal biological and physical filtration at high flow rates in a mobile, deployable unit. This device has demonstrated performance in removing biological contamination and bioaerosol-size particulates. However, tests to date have been limited to testing at individual time points.  

Recently, new technology has become available from Oberon, Inc. that provides continuous real-time monitoring of air particulate levels. This study will employ the Oberon IC Sentinel® (Figure 1) real-time technology in the evaluation of the Aerobiotix™ T1 Air Disinfection system.

IC Sentinel Aerobiotix T1 system  1 ic sentinel unit

 Figure 1. The Aerobiotix™ T1 Air Disinfector and IC Sentinel® Environmental Monitor  

The Oberon IC Sentinel® network-enabled real-time particulate monitoring system was placed in a 16 x 20 x 8 foot (2560 CF) 3-occupant air quality test room, along with a centrally-placed Aerobiotix™ T1 unit running at a 450 CFM air treatment rate. Baseline levels of air contamination were obtained for and 0.5um particulates using automated air sampling on a per-minute basis. The T1 unit was then switched on, running at 450 CFM while regular readings continued to be taken. Finally, the T1 unit was switched off, and regular readings were again recorded.


Rapid reduction in airborne particulates by the T1 unit.
Graph 1. Rapid reduction in airborne particulates by the T1 unit

Using IC Sentinel®, particulate readings were taken every two minutes, for a one minute collection duration. Baseline test-room levels of 0.5 um particulates were 1200K/CF (Graph 1). The arrow indicates when the Aerobiotix™ T1 was activated, wherein the particulate  level rapidly decreased to 270K/CF. The reduction initially occurred in a rapid phase of 100K/CF per minute for approximately 6 minutes then tapering over the next 10-20 minutes to stabilize at 200K/CF, representing an 83% reduction in air particulate levels.  

Recovery of Airborne particulate levels when the T1 unit was inactivated.

Graph 2: Recovery of Airborne particulate levels when the T1 unit was inactivated

After the air particulate readings leveled (Graph 2) to approximately 200K/CF, the T1 unit was switched off (arrow). The air particulate levels of the occupied test room rapidly recovered to their baseline levels and continued to increase. 


Use of the Aerobiotix™ T1 system results in a rapid reduction in 0.5 um airborne particulates in an occupied air-quality test room. 0.5 um size particles were chosen since this is a common bioaerosol size, and thus in critical in biological contamination.  Oberon’s IC Sentinel® Real-Time Environmental Monitor is a valuable tool in demonstrating the removal performance over time and the rate of reduction and subsequent recovery can be characterized. The most rapid phase of particulate removal occurs during the initial 6 minute period the T1 unit is activated. This period approximates the single air exchange time of this system (2560 CF/450 CFM = 5.7 minutes), followed by a gradually tapering reduction to a treated baseline level 83% lower than untreated.  Once the air treatment unit is inactivated, the particulate levels rapidly rebound, likely due to room air circulation effects and occupancy. This indicates that air treatment using devices of this type must be performed continuously in order to have enduring effect.   

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