IC Sentinel

1 unit reportHospitals and health care institutions are more focused than ever on improving patient recovery rates and times. Patient recovery is impacted by overall facility environmental quality, and many factors are involved including: lighting, sound levels, ventilation, air quality, humidity, and the presence of dust, mold, and fungal spores in the air.

Using Oberon's IC Sentinel™ facilities, environmental quality, and infection prevention personnel can develop long-term, continuous metrics. These metrics include facility-wide indoor air quality (IAQ) factors such as air borne particle count (including mold and fungal spores and other nuclei down to 0.5 um), differential air pressure, humidity, CO2, and sound levels.

• Real-time, 24/7 monitoring and reporting of environmental indoor air quality (IAQ) metrics, providing instant notification of issues
• Monitor and set alerts for undesirable environmental conditions related to HAIs
• Monitor airborne particulates (including mold and fungal spores and nuclei down to 0.5 um),, differential room pressure, humidity, and CO2
• Generate long term patient satisfaction metrics related to sound and light levels, and humidity
• Remotely monitor patient sites
• Low cost multi-sensor module and simple installation using existing Power over Ethernet network